The Award

Welcome to Envisioneering’s Innovation & Design Awards for ShowStoppers @CES 2014!
For the first time, innovation recognition – and awards – come to ShowStoppers @CES!
Your new product is great! Its better, faster, lighter, stylish, cooler, greener than everything else out there!
Yet…Is it innovative? Does it combine great design and style elements?
Your hard work to bring innovation to market in all its forms will be recognized at ShowStoppers@CES 2014! The inventors, technologists, psychologists, marketers industrial designers and researchers at The Envisioneering Group will be reviewing your products,technologies and services to identify and recognize your most innovative features.
Envisioneering’s team include inventors, marketers, researchers  and designers whose skills at recognizing innovation in all its forms attract thousands of news media and TV quotes and interviews each year.
Envisioneering is world-renowned for its objective assessment of new technologies, product and services embodiments, and the talents who drive them to market. Envisioneering’s analysts are oft-quoted by print, web and video media for their assessments or “what’s next” in technology benefit, fun and value.
Envisioneering Research Director Richard Doherty has led Innovation review teams in Asia and the Americas at trade shows. He has also recognized top inventors for the US Patent Offices’  National Medal of Technology and Innovation – America’s “Nobel Prize,” awarded by the President.
ShowStoppers has pioneered and championed showcasing the finest of advanced technology products and services.
Immediate and Sustainable Award Promotion Value
By applying for an Innovation & Design Award, your company can:

Showcase your leadership, ingenuity, and innovation in front of the most influential audience of key decision-makers from across the globe who attend and follow ShowStoppers at CES!
Promote your Innovation and Design Award throughout the year to your backers,. partners, retailers, affilaites and consumers.
Enhance your industry standing by affiliating your company with ShowStoppers and Envisioneering.

Promotion Opportunities Abound At ShowStoppers @CES 2014
Award recognition is excellent for triggering “second-day” news stories:
During CES
Throughout the year with funders. partners, retailers and consumers.
Envisioneering and ShowStoppers will produce a news release summary of all Award winners on or about January 2, 2014. ShowStoppers may elect to promote any or all awardees in its promotional activities before, during and after CES 2014.
(ShowStoppers may elect to offer a special ceremony for Award winners at this or future ShowStoppers events or venues. Photos and celebratory comments of Award winning managers, designers and tech creators may be used for promotion at future ShowStoppers events, promotional materials and product showcases.)

Judging Criteria
Envisioneering’s international team of technologists, marketers and industrial designers will assess each product, technology or service in Delphi team peer review.
This is Envisioneering’s 35th year at CES. Our people have seen it all. We’re accomplished at spotting distinctive innovation and design, and we’re pleased to acknowledge and reward the people who bring these to market at ShowStoppers@CES!

For the highest awards, Award applicants will be contacted to resolve judges’ questions not clarified by the candidate application materials provided.

Award Application and Submission Process
Exhibitors may submit up to three candidate products, technologies or services for Innovation & Design Award consideration.
Envisioneering and ShowStoppers agree to an embargo on any announcements which are NOT to be made public prior to 7 January 2014 at ShowStoppers@CES.
After submission, ShowStoppers exhibitor Award applicants agree to accept and respond to questions from Envisioneering’s judges and to respond within 72 hours. Alternately, a brief telephone call may be suggested within a 48 hour window at the judges’ discretion. In extreme cases – especially for the highest awards to avoid ties – Envisioneering may request a Skype call, or a hands-on product to our Seaford, NY lab and offices.
Deadlines for Award Applications

Submit candidates by 20 December 2013 on the website. Payment of the $150 Award Judging Application fee (supporting 1 to 3 submissions) is completed here:PayPal Pro Payment Form

Late submissions up to 27 December will carry an additional $100 charge covering last minute judging costs.
Awards will be announced during last week of December 2013. Exhibitors may promote their Award status after that date.
Winners will receive a PDF and eps file of their award certification. Physical Awards in laminated plastic, engraved plastic or metal plaques may be ordered for delivery at ShowStoppers @ CES on 7 January 2014.
Physical Plastic and Metal Plaques
Special arrangements can be made to delivery earlier in Las Vegas for additional shipping fees and handling, for promotional suite use, dealer meetings outside of ShowStoppers, etc. Information on this will accompany your Award emailing in late December.